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Nominations of Names for Consideration to the Scroll of Honor

All names on the Clemson University Scroll of Honor Memorial (SOHM) are alumni of Clemson Agriculture College (Clemson University after 1962).  With few exceptions they were in one of the armed services at the time of their death and were conducting their military duties.  Those exceptions include a civilian reporter who worked closely with those in combat and died in an aircraft crash into the English Channel and two civilians who died years later as a result of injuries while on active duty.   Several others died as a result of automobile accidents while on leave.  Many died in training accidents and of diseases.

If you know of a Clemson alumnus who you believe qualifies for the Scroll of Honor, we encourage you to submit a request for consideration.   More information on qualifications and a request form will be found below.

These Scroll of Honor Nomination and Consideration Procedures apply to all new nominations for inclusion on the Scroll of Honor received after April 2009.  It is our understanding that those placed on the Scroll of Honor prior to that date were vetted according to the criteria of that period.  The Scroll of Honor Committee will be responsible for receiving nominations, researching appropriate sources, comparing the nominating information against the criteria for inclusion on the Scroll of Honor contained herein, and presenting a recommendation to the Clemson Corps Board of Directors for a decision.

Criteria for inclusion of a nominee on the Scroll of Honor:

  1. Those alumni who while serving as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, lost their lives in the performance of their military duties are eligible.  The performance of military duties includes those killed in combat operations (recipients of the Purple Heart) whether the deaths occurred in “declared” wars or in other police or stability operations such as Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, or Iraq.  Alumni who were killed in the performance of their military duties while involved in training, aircrew missions, or other normal duty operations or activities, for example, no matter the geographical location, will also be eligible.
  2. Alumni who served in the United States Merchant Marine, who otherwise meet the criteria to be included on the Scroll of Honor, will be eligible if, as occurred following World War II, a law is passed granting these alumni veteran status.
  3. Alumni who served in the Armed Forces of US allied countries during World War II and earlier, who otherwise meet the criteria to be included on the Scroll of Honor, will be eligible.
  4. Those Alumni who died later of wounds suffered in combat or as a result of an accident while performing their military duties may be considered for inclusion on the Scroll of Honor. The Scroll of Honor Committee will evaluate these nominees on a case-by-case basis if it is confirmed that the cause of death was due to a service-connected injury.
  5. This SOP does not specifically include deaths due to illness (like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall criteria), but neither does it rule out considering those if circumstances warrant a “case-by case” review.
  6. This SOP authorizes case-by-case considerations since all circumstances surrounding a nomination to the Scroll of Honor cannot be anticipated.  Nominations received should first be considered against the guidance found in this SOP.  If, after such consideration, a definitive decision/recommendation cannot be made by the Committee, then the nomination should be considered on its merits under this case-by-case category, researched by the Committee, and the nomination presented with appropriate comments to the full Board for a decision.
  7. Definition of Clemson Alumnus – a person who:
    1. applied and was accepted in a degree-producing academic program (a degree-producing program includes such majors as pre-business, general engineering, and AAH undeclared) and,
    2. has an academic record.

Nomination Form

(for individuals nominated to be added to the Scroll of Honor)

SOH Nominee Form
and/or graduating class: