Albert Outz Kemp



Trenton, SC

Army Air Force, Sergeant

563rd Bomber Squadron, 388th Bomber Group, Heavy (B-17)

Purple Heart

Jul 26, 1924

Nov 25, 1944

Killed in Action over Germany

Luxembourg American Military Cemetery, Plot H, Row 10, Grave 157


Additional Information

MARC #: 11206; Aircraft Model:  B-17G  S/N#: 44-6472           
Organization: Location: European Theater of Operations,
AAF/ AF: 8th Air Force; Group: 388th; Squadron: 563rd
Place of departure: Station 136
Target or Intended Destination:  Station 136
Type of Mission: Combat
Date: 25 Nov 1944 Time: 1404                  
Location of Crash: Arenrath, Germany
Number of Person Aboard Aircraft-  Crew: 9  Passengers:0    Total: 9
List of Crew (crew positions, name, rank, status)
2nd Lt. William, Wilson Alexander (pilot)
2nd Lt. Pollard, Frank Henry (co-pilot)
F/O Bullard, Fred Henry (navigator)
Sgt. Kantor, George (nose gun)
Sgt. MacLeod, Norman John (radio operator)
Sgt. Karderhorn, Charles (eng ttg)
Sgt. Kemp, Albert Outz (ball turret gunner)
Sgt. Histed, Stanley Edward (waist gunner)
Sgt. Klumpp, John Williams (tail guner)
Narrative or eye witness statements

Sgt. Kemp’s aircraft is believed to have hit its target.  As the formation made its way back, the Command Pilot gave to order for all aircrafts to return individually instead of in formation because they were all low on fuel.  The B-17G was shot down by German artillery fire over Arenrath, Germany.  Sgt. Kemp was unable to bail out and died in the crash.


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