Alfred Julius Folger


Textile Engineering

Cadet Corporal, Sergeant, 2nd Lieutenant, Company Athletic Officer Sports: Block “C” Club, Varsity Baseball, Football

Pickens, South Carolina

Wife: Jean Jervey Folger Boggs; son Alfred J Folger Jr.; daughter Margaret Taylor Folger Smith

Army, Captain

36 Armored Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armor Division,

Silver Star. Purple Heart

Jan 12, 1917

Jul 15, 1944

Killed in Action – France

Pickens Presbyterian Church Cemetery


Personal Remembrances

Since my father was killed at St. Lo, France just after my 2nd birthday, neither I, nor my baby brother Allen could have any real memories of this man.  However, so many wonderful people have shared insights into his sterling character, warm, exuberant personality and caring spirit, that we grew up knowing our Dad must have been the very best.  He was deeply loved by so many, and especially by our dear mother.  Our parents, apparently were immeasurably blessed in their marriage and brief time together.

Gen  J. A. Ulio, in writing to our mother, regarding the presentation of the  Silver Star,  said of him:
…Capt. Folger, through his superior leadership, and complete personal disregard for his own personal safety, led his men to their objective and inspired them to hold the established defense line.  During periods of heavy shelling by the enemy, Capt. Folger frequently walked along the defensive line inspiring/encouraging his men.  This fearless action, exceptional initiative and unselfish devotion to duty resulted in the loss of his life and reflected great credit on himself and the military service.

His chaplain, Rev. Arthur Weber wrote:
…was an excellent leader, whose men thought the world of him.  He respected and admired by officers, as well as by enlisted men.   I can remember his battalion commander telling me that he could have commanded a battalion as easily and as well as he did a company.  Your husband did not give his life in vain, but to make possible and to perpetuate those freedoms which are the inherent right of mankind.  The world is debtor to him.
…had a deep, personal faith in The Lord…he was most faithful in attendance at chapel services…urged his officers and men to worship.

Finally, from Clemson College:
…grieved to learn of the death of your husband, Capt. Alfred J Folger….on behalf of all Clemson men extend to you our deepest sympathy, and pray that Almighty God will comfort and keep you in this your deepest sorrow.  We all loved Al for his sterling character and personality.  In his passing, we lose a devoted and loyal Alumnus, the State, a valuable citizen, and you and the children, a loving husband and father….We  shall place his name on our Gold Star list, and his memory will ever be revered by all Clemson men.

On behalf of our mother, Jean F. Boggs, we are deeply appreciative of Clemson’s efforts to memorialize the men and women who sacrificed their lives, in order to let “freedom ring” for all.  The Scroll of Honor is a fit and beautiful expression of love and gratitude to those who gave so much!
Many thanks!
Margaret Taylor Folger Smith
Alfred J. Folger

Additional Information

Was killed in the Bocage Region of Normandy, north of the Periers-Saint-Lo road during the stalemate which preceded Operation Cobra.

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Extra Documents

Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham – “The world is debtor to him.”