Benjamin Robert Briggs


Mechanical Engineering

Greenville, South Carolina

Survived by his mother, Mrs. Mary Lynn Maura Briggs

Air Force, Major  

162 Tactical Fighter Training Group, Tucson, AZ

Apr 13, 1937

Jun 19, 1974

Upon returning to Tucson in an F-100 after a passenger drop-off at New Orleans, NAS, Majdor Briggs was cleared for an enroute descent and was observed passing FL310 at 46NM east of Tucson.  He followed vectors from Tucson Approach Control for a landing on runway 29R at Tucson IAP.  Radio handoff to Tower was accomplished when Major Briggs was 6NM from Tucson IAP, southwest of extended centerline, at 8800 ft MSL.  Upon contact with Tucson Tower, he requested a straight-in aproach instead of an overhead pattern for which he had previously been cleared.  He then stated he had a stuck throttle and that he may land short.  The aircraft impacted the ground 5430 feet from the approach end of runway 29R, slightly right of runway centerline at 2012 MST. 

East Lawn Palms Cemetery and Mortuary, Tucson, AZ.


Additional Information

Oak Ridge Military Academy ’55

Attended Furman University 1957-1957.  Attended U.S. Air Force Academy 1957-1959.

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Extra Documents

Stuck Throttle – Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham