Benjamin Robert Martin


Arts & Science

Cadet Private, Sergeant, Member of the Ring Committee, Sophomore Junior Dance Committee, Bridge Club; Manager Varsity Baseball; Block “C” Club

Grosse Point, Michigan

Married; One Son

Army, Captain

Company A, 757 Tank Battalion

Jul 24, 1911

Jul 12, 1943

Killed in Action - Casablanca, North Africa

Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia; Section 12, Site 4903


Additional Information

I was assigned to Co. “A1* of the 757th and served in Co. “A” the rest of my time in the army.  Training at Fort Ord, under Colonel Tow and Colonel Cronk, lasted until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  By this time, we had received six or seven tanks for each of the three companies and a full compliment of officers and enlisted men.  I recall among the new officers was a little kid who could have been accepted as a sophomore in high school.  His name was Ted Rosen, 2nd. Lt; also, a First Lt. named Benjamin Martin.  These two officers served in “A” Co. for the remainder of their lives.

Extract From _ An Historical Account ~ Vaughan E. Alien ~ My grandpa’s BN at

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