Claude Sims Lawson Jr.



Birmingham, Alabama

Army Air Force, Captain

402nd Bomber Squadron, 502nd Bomber Group

Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal

Nov 12, 1920

Aug 27, 1945

Death Non-Battle - Plane crash in the Pacific.

Buried at the National Memorial of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI, in Plot Q, Grave 866


Additional Information

Accident report #46-8-27-512
Aircraft Model: B-29
AC Nickname: Temper Eleven
S/N # 44-83899
Location: NW Field, Guam
Group no. 502 B VH
Place of Departure: NW Field, Guam
Target or intended destination: Isley Field, Siapan
Type of Mission: Delivery of a load of supplies
Date: 27 August 1945
Time: 00:37
Location of Crash: 5 mi. NNE of Isley Field, Siapan
Reason aircraft was Lost: Crash when trying to land
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 11
Narrative of eyewitness statements:
  1. The B-29 aircraft departed from Northwest Field, Guam at 2247 on a flight to Isley Field, Siapan to deliver a load of supplies.  A routine take-off and flight followed as far as can be known.
  2. The B-29 made a few attempts at landing at Isley Field, but was unable to do so successfully.
  3. The plane crashed about five miles NNE of the field at the elevation of about 800 feet.

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Extra Documents

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