Dibble Manly Rickenbaker



Summerton, SC

Parents - Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Rickenbaker

Army Air Force, Sgt

528 Ftr Sq, 35 Ftr Gp


Jul 9, 1943

Died non Battle - Died in a training flight in California.

Gravestone marker, St. Marks Episcopal Church, Clarendon County, SC


Additional Information

Accident report # 44-79-15
Aircraft Model: BT-13A,; S/N 41-21275
Location: Lemoore, CA
Group: 35th FTW; Squadron: 528th BFT
Place of Departure: Lemoore, CA
Target or intended destination: local
Type of Mission: Routine personal proficiency flight
Date: 9 July 1943; Time: 14:15
Location of Crash: 8 mi. W of Riverdale, CA
Reason aircraft was Lost: Control lost in spin
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 2
List of Crew (Crew position, Name, Rank, Status)
Pilot-Ellis, Ralph Russel: 2nd Lt., fatal.
Passenger-Rickenbaker, Dibble M. Sgt., Fatal

Narrative of eyewitness statements:

  1. Departing from Lemoore, CA, the BT-13A was due to carry out a routine personal proficiency flight.
  2. A witness to the accident stated that the plane went into a spin from a medium altitude while flying straight and going fairly slow.  The pilot was unable to recover control and the plane made 9 or 10 more turns before crashing into the ground.
  3. The plane was found about 8 miles west of the town of Riverdale, California.


Dibble’s brother Tourie, Clemson Class of 1943, died in Germany, February 25, 1945.

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