Dixon Franklin Pearce, Jr.



Greenville, South Carolina

Army Air Force, First Lieutenant

332nd Bomber Squadron, 94th Bomber Group

Purple Heart, Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters

Jul 30, 1923

Nov 4, 1944

Killed in Action-B-17 crashed for unknown reason returning from a bombing mission over Hamburg, Germany. All crew members were killed.

Memorialized at Netherlands American Cemetery, Margraten, Netherlands. Also memorialized in Springwood Cemetery, Greenville, SC.

Additional Information

43-38165, ST CHRISTOPHER’S KIDS, was lost Nov 4, 1944 and reported in MACR 10305.  According to MACR 10305 its fate was unknown.  Last radio transmission stated they were going to ditch.  As of Feb 16, 1945 they were still classified as MIA.

Project Bits and Pieces shows 43-38165 XM B as “St Christopher’s Kids” also known as “Carolyn Sue”.
Crew list: (All KIA)
Lt Harry F. Hummel (P)
Lt Hugh MacRae (CP)
2Lt Dixon F. Pearce Jr (N)
2Lt William F. Lewis (B)
T/Sgt Paul Schwartz (TT)
T/Sgt Eldon L. Hudson (RO)
S/Sgt Albert Dente (BT)
S/Sgt Jackie W. Stoltz (WG)
S/Sgt Harold C. Vance (TG)


Extract from ArmyAirForce.com

Intended Destination: Hamburg, Germany



This B -17 was last seen with two (2) engines out at 53°52’N – 07°00’E at 1322 hours.  At 1342 hours it was reported that he was calling for Air Sea Rescue, position approximately 53°48’N – 05°40’E.  Reports over VHF stated that he would try to make Holland but then decided to ditch.  No further confirmed reports were received from this aircraft and therefore it is not known whether it ditched or made landing safely.

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