Donald Anthony Callia


Electrical Engineering

Inman, South Carolina

He was survived by his wife, Mrs. Marie G. Callia of Virginia Beach; and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Callia of Greenville, SC.

Navy, LT

101 Fighter Squadron, Detachment A, Oceana NAS, VA

Jan 16, 1963

Jan 16, 1963

LT Callia was flying a training mission off the East Coast as the Aerial Observer in an F4B on the evening of 16 JAN 1963.  The plane crashed off the coast of NC.  Wreckage of the plane was found 10 miles east of Kill Devil's Hill, NC, but the body of LT Callia was never found. 

Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery


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Birthday Flight – Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham