Foster Doyle Mitchell



Seneca, South Carolina

Marine Corps, Corporal

25th Regiment, 4th Marine Division

Purple Heart

Oct 27, 1920

Feb 26, 1945

Killed in Action (KIA) on Iwo Jima

Old Welcome Baptist Church Cemetery, Sandy Springs, SC


Additional Information

Extract from 4th Marine Division Daily Summary
FROM 1800, 25 FEB 45 TO 1800, 26 FEB 45 (D PLUS 7) 
(h)   RCT 25, with BLT 3/24 attached, started relieving RCT 24 at 0530. 
AT 0830 the RCT attacked with three battalions abreast,  from left to right, 1/25, 2/25, 3/25, with 3/24 in RCT reserve.  The delay in launching the attack was occasioned by the time involved in effecting the return of BLT 2/25 to RCT control, reorganization, and movement to the line of departure.  Progress was slow and difficult along the entire front because of the extremely difficult terrain and stiff enemy resistance employing small arms, machine guns, and mortars fired from well prepared and camouflaged positions.  The RCT considered that it was not feasible to by-pass positions and cleaned them up as units advanced.  An advance was made on the right, of about 75 yards.  The RCT reserve was employed in moping up the RCT rear area.  Company “A”, 2d Armored Amphibian 
Orders were issued to the RCT to consolidate at 1700, paying particular attention to the left flank, and to be prepared to continue the attack the next day. 
(q)   The area of the operations for the period was still in the enemy defensive organization encountered during the preceding day.  Gains were secured by a methodical pillbox-to-pillbox advance.  The Division prepared to continue the attack at the end of the period.
(r)   Weather and Visibility.  Weather fair, visibility good until 1300,  when it was reduced by rain.  Ceiling low and overcast 6/10 to 10/10.
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