Garnet Quillian Brown


Mechanical Engineering

Flushing, New York or Fulton County, Georgia

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

13th Squadron, 403rd Troop Carrier Group

Jul 7, 1946

MIA - East Indies

Memorialized at Manila American Cemetery and Memorial


Additional Information

MARC #: 10455  Aircraft Model:  C47-A  S/N#:  42-23605
Location: Morotia APO 926 (Netherlands East Indies)
Command or AAF/ AF:  13th AFF       Group: 403 T. C. Gp.
Squadron: 13th T. C. S.
Place of departure: Morotia APO 926 (Netherlands, East Indies)
Intended Destination: Noemfoor Island, New Guinea, APO 704
Type of Mission: Combat Zone, Date:  1 Nov 1944       Time:  1730
Location of Crash: Noemfoor Island, New Guinea, APO 704
Number of Person Aboard –  Crew: 4  Passengers: 0 Total:4

List of Crew (crew positions, name, rank, status)
1st Lt. King, Emerson P (Pilot)
2nd Lt. Brown, Garnet (Co-Pilot)
T/Sgt Reeves, Samuel B.
Clp. Fister, Harlan D. (Radio Operator)

Narrative or eye witness statements:
2nd Lt. Brown took off with two other planes in formation from Sansapor, Indonesia to Morotal Island, Netherlands East Indies.  After unloading and eating lunch the pilots decided to not fly back to Morotal in formation.  Lt. Brown’s plane took off at 1800 and was never seen again.  A careful search was conducted on and around the islands for 2 days with no trace of the plane found.


Having actually gone “Missing” on the above date, Lieutenant Brown was not officially declared dead by the military until July 7, 1946.

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Extra Documents

Cargo Flight – Vignette written for the Echo by Kelly Durham