George Isham Belch



Massillon, Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Belch

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

2110th AAF Base Unit, Sec. “C”

Jun 9, 1922

Aug 1, 1944

Died Non Battle - Killed in a training flight with a student pilot in Bainbridge, GA

Rose Hill Memorial Park, Massilon, OH


Additional Information

ID: 0-830153

Accident report #45-7-12-38; Summary
Aircraft Model: BT-13; S/N. 42-89069
Location: AAFPS(B) Bainbridge, GA
Squadron: 2110th AAF Base Unit, Sec. “C”
Place of Departure: Babcock Auxiliary Field
Target or intended destination: local
Type of Mission: Local transition
Date: 12 July 1944; Time: 1520 CWT
Location of Crash: 7 mi. N/NW of Bainbridge Army Air Field
Reason aircraft was lost: Stalled and spun from simulated or actual forced landing.
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 2

List of Crew (Crew position, Name, Rank, Status)
Pilot: Belch, George I. 2nd Lt.-fatal
Hill, William H., Aviation Student-fatal

Narrative of eyewitness statements:
1. Lt. Belch was on a local training route with a student at an altitude on 1000 feet.
2. The plane was last seen at an altitude of about 200 feet with the engine idling.  It then made a turn close to the ground and hit causing the whole plane to burn.
3. It is unknown exactly what happened to make the ship crash, but the plane stalled due to either a simulated or an actual forced landing at Babcock Auxiliary Field.
4. The accident occurred one and a half miles southwest of the airfield.

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