George Schoen Von Weller


General Science

Agrarian, Young Democrats Club 4; Baseball 1, 3

Albany, Georgia

He was survived by his wife, the former Mildred Hiadd of Sanford, Florida; his mother, Mrs. H. J. Von Weller of Albany; a brother, Philip Von Weller of Griffin, Georgia; and a sister Mrs. Harold Taylor of Albany.

Navy, Lieutenant Commander

Aug 4, 1919

Feb 7, 1953

Died in a plane crash near Albany, Georgia during a training mission.

Personal Remembrances

George Schoen ("Sonny") Von Weller of Greenville (a '41 graduate with a degree in General Science), remained in the military after WWII and served in the Korean War; he was a Navy airman who died on February 7, 1953, in a plane crash near Albany, GA, during a training mission.

The information above was provided by Dr. Don McKale, Clemson.

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