Harry Muldrow Etheredge


Agricultural Education

Attended Clemson during the 1938-1942 school years. 

Springfield, South Carolina

Son of Joseph Clifton and Bessie Weeks Etheredge.  Also surviving were 5 sisters, Mrs. Jack Edwards of Blackville; Miss Louise Etheredge of Springfield; Mrs. Rye Whittle of Williston; Mrs. Harry Bigbee of Columbia; and Mrs. J. P. Maroney of Aiken.  Also four brothers, Marion Etheredge of Spartanburg; James Louie Etheredge of Gastonia; Cliffton Etheredge of Blackville; and Theodore Etheredge of Springfield.  Private Harry Etheredge was the youngest. 

Army, Private

Company C, 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division

Purple Heart

Dec 15, 1918

Dec 10, 1943

Killed in Action in Italy

Tabernacle Baptist Church cemetery in Kitchings Mill, SC.


Additional Information

Activities of the 143rd Infantry Regiment at the time of Pvt. Etheredge’s  death.
The Regiment assaulted the Winter Line on the afternoon and starless night of  December 8th, 1943, by scaling the 4,000 foot Hill 1205, (Mount Sammucro) which overlooked San Pietro.  This was one of the steepest heights scaled by Allied troops during the war.

While the 2d and 3d Battalions attacked San Pietro from the valley, the 1st Battalion crawled up the slopes silently and surprised the Germans in their pill boxes and emplacements and assaulted each gun position until the dazed Germans withdrew.  With the capture of this commanding mountain, the regiment continued its attack on San Pietro and captured it, breaking the Winter Line.  This one battle, filmed under the direction of John Huston, is considered to be the finest combat film made by the Department of Army.

The First Battalion received a Fifth Army Commendation for its part of the operation.  The 143d captured San Pietro and opened the Liri Valley to the Allied Forces, but not without terrific losses.
Extract from: https://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/36division/archives/143/14305.htm 


Prior to entering the service he taught agriculture in the Williston-Elko school system.

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Extra Documents

Harry Muldrow Etheredge – Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham