Haynie McIver Wilson


Textile Engineering

Attended Clemson during the 1937-1938 school year.

Sumter, SC

Wife: Connie Stevens Wilson; Parents - Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Wilson

Marine Corps, Private

4th Marine Division

Purple Heart

Jan 20, 1919

Mar 11, 1945

Killed in Action in Iwo Jima in the Pacific

Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, SC


Additional Information

Extracts from 4th Marine Division Daily Summary

21.  FROM 1800, 10 MAR 45 TO 1800, 11 MAR 45  (D PLUS 20)

(a)   Enemy activity was relatively quiet along the entire front.  Some infiltration attempts were made on the front of RCT 25.  The area of resistance by-passed in 184 N was contained by elements of this RCT.  It was quite apparent that the main enemy resistance had been broken but that the Japanese were continuing their passive defense from an intricate system of well concealed caves.  These caves were hard to locate and were generally disclosed only when the enemy opened fire.  Two (2) DD’s provided illumination for the Division throughout the night.

(b)   The Division continued the attack at King-hour minus 60, King-hour being 0830, in accordance with VAC LANFOR Order No. 18-45, without a preliminary artillery or naval gunfire preparation, to assist in the completion of the capture of IWO JIMA.  Formation and boundaries – no change; Line of Departure – front lines at King-hour.

(m)   Combat efficiency was reduced to an estimated 38%.

(n)   Weather and Visibility.  The weather was fair, visibility unlimited, and ceiling overcast 2/10 to 8/10.

Copied from https://www.geocities.com/rbackstr2000/4thmardiv.htm

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Extra Documents

Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham – Part of Wilson’s War Was Captured on Film