James Crisp Akers Salter


Civil Engineering

ASCE 3, 4; ROTC Camp, Clemson, SC.

Atlanta, GA

He was survived by his mother, Martha A. Salter of Atlanta; his grandmother, Mrs. F. M. Akers, Sr. of Atlanta; three uncles, A. F. and F. M. Akers, Jr. of Atlanta and Fitzgerald Salter of Montgomery; and an aunt, Mrs. H. B. Johnston of Atlanta.

Army Air Force, Captain

Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters


Aug 2, 1945

Captain Salter was killed near Williams Field, AZ, when the car in which he was passenger struck a tree which had been uprooted and thrown across the road by a tornado.


Additional Information

Captain Salter recently had returned to the States following two years’ duty in the Pacific as pilot of a B-25.  Flight leader of the “Bats Outta Hell” squadron, he participated in 57 combat missions under General George C. Kenney.

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