John Benjamin Folsom, Jr.



Attended Clemson from 1939-1942.  Member of the Pershing Rifles.

Sumter County, South Carolina

Parents - John B. Folsom, Sr. and Gertrude Elizabeth Hunt Folsom

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

751st Bomb Squadron, 457th Bomb Group

Purple Heart

Dec 25, 1921

Aug 6, 1944

Killed In Action - Germany

Sumter Cemetery, Sumter, SC


Additional Information

MACR #: 7889  Aircraft Model: B-17G; S/N#: 42-97131
Organization: Location: England; Command or AAF/ AF :  8th  AF
Group: 457 Bomb Gp (H);    Squadron: 751st
Place of departure:  Station 130; Target:  Genshagen, Germany
Type of Mission: Objective Bombing; Date: 6Aug11   Time: 1245
Location of Crash: 10 mi SE of Brandenburgh, Germany
Number of Person Aboard –  Crew: 9   Passengers: 0  Total: 9

List of Crew (crew positions, name, rank, status)
2nd LT. Frost, Vincent (Pilot)
2nd LT. Folsom, John B. Jr.
2nd Lt. Danaher, Robert W.
2nd Lt. Peronto, Earl N.
S/Sgt Bernstein, Soloman H. (KIA)
S/Sgt Bartoszewicz, Chester F. (KIA)
Sgt. Rice, Daniel D.
Sgt. Taylor, Daniel C.
Sgt. Rempp, Hubert D.

Narrative or eye witness statements
2nd Lt. Folsom’s aircraft was hit by AAGF in the target area (a jet engine factory) at 1240 10 miles southeast of Brandenburg causing the second engine or left wing caught on fire.  6-8 parachutes were sighted.  One man was seen falling without a parachute after it had gotten snagged on left wing of A/C (Cpt. Gerald H. Galligan, A.C.)
Folsom was in the aircraft when it struck the ground.  His last conversation was: “ Stick with it- we’ll be okay.”  Lt. Folsom seemed reluctant to face the fact that ship must be abandoned and was fumbling with chest back type chute and did not bail out like 4 other crew members.  (2nd LT. Frost, Vincent)

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