John Franklin McNeill


Civil Engineering

Conway, SC

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

Aug 14, 1923

Feb 6, 1945

Died in an aircraft crash in England

Lakeside Cemetery, Conway, SC


Additional Information

Extract from an Accident Report – 8th Air Force Command, 351st Group, 511th Bomb Squadron (H).

On February 6, 1945, 1 1/2 mile NE  of ASAAF Station 100 near Lutton, England, two B-17G aircraft collided and crashed into a field killing 19 men.

In low visibility due to rain, McNeill’s aircraft was directed to land at 1546.  At 1550, another aircraft pulled up, apparently to avoid McNeills craft.  The tail of the other aircraft struck the right wing of McNeill’s craft sending both aircraft to the ground.

The cause of the accident was 100% weather due to poor visibility in rain. 

John F. McNeill, Bombardier (B), Aviation Ordnanceman (AO), 2nd Lieutenant

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Extra Documents

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