John Harold Lightsey



Literary Society, Animal Husbandry Club, “Tiger” magazine, Vice President Kappa Alpha Sigma

Fairfax, South Carolina

Wife - Mary Janie Phillips. One daughter - Janice

Army, Captain

Company G, 322nd Infantry Battalion, 81st Division

Silver Star, Purple Heart

Jan 14, 1918

Sep 28, 1944

Killed in Action in the South Pacific on the Island of Angaur, Palau.

Fairfax Cemetery, Fairfax, SC


Personal Remembrances

While cleaning out a storage area at my home I found boxes of old photos from my parents.  One of the photos is a 8 x 20 of Company G 322nd.  I have looked closely at the photograph and I believe that Captain John Harold Lightsey is in this photo.  The man I think is Captain Lightsey very closely resembles the picture of him on the web site in his uniform.  My father, Tate Stewart, was in this group.  I remember seeing this picture when I was a child and my father told me that everyone in the picture except 1-2 dozen men were killed in action.  The other 1-2 dozen men were transferred to Alaska/Canada to participate in a joint American-Canadian exercises preparing for a mission into Germany.  I have several photos of my father in Alaska and Canada during the exercises.  I remember him becoming part of the paratroopers and trained at Fort Benning Georgia too.  This photo may have been taken while stationed in Michigan.  My father died in 1994 so I cannot be 100% sure if what I remember from 50 years ago is correct.  I have attached a close-up of the picture.  In the picture 1st from the left on the 2nd row is who I believe to be Captain Lightsey.  My father, Tate Stewart, is sitting in front, first on the right.

Mark Stewart

Additional Information

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Extra Documents

Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham – A Speck in the Ocean