John Bunyan Mitchell


Electrical Engineering

Transfer; Transfer; Private; Second Lieutenant, AIEE 4, Clemson Amateur Radio Club 4, Senior Platoon; Lexington-Saluda Clemson Club 3, 4; Air Force ROTC Summer Camp, Orlando Air Force Base, Florida

Saluda, SC

Parents - Mr. and Mrs. Whitt Mitchell

Air Force, 1Lt

3505 Pilot Training Squadron at Greenville AFB, Mississippi.

May 19, 1927

Jul 17, 1953

On July 17, 1953, while serving as an instructor pilot, LT Mitchell took a student officer (1LT Jacob Robinson) up in a T-28 A "Trojan" airplane. When executing a "Split S" maneuver, the aircraft began a rapid acceleration. The right wing smashed into the canopy following a loud explosion. LT Robinson was thrown clear of the aircraft after releasing his safety belt, and noticed that LT Mitchell had also bailed out and was below a deployed canopy. Both men landed in the Mississippi River, and LT Mitchell slipped beneath the surface of the water followed by his parachute. His body was recovered on August 12, 1953.

Good Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Saluda, SC


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