Morton Andrew Stewart


Textile Chemistry

Attended Clemson during 1938-1939 school year.

Rock Hill, SC

Parents - Charles A. Stewart and Lillian Pamela Starr (both deceased); four sisters, Miss Erma Stewart of Greensboro, NC; Miss Elizabeth Stewart of Lancaster; Mrs. R.M. Farries of Charlotte; and Mrs. Frank R. Noile of Alexandria, VA.

Army Air Force, Staff Sergeant

Maxton Air Base, Maxton, NC

Apr 13, 1920

Dec 5, 1942

DNB (Death non-Battle) Sergeant Stewart was killed in the crash of an Army transport plane near Maxwell Field, Alabama. The plane and the bodes were burned. There were no survivors. The plane was on a routine flight from Maxton, NC to Maxwell Field. (See Accident Report)

Laurelwood Cemetery, Rock Hill, SC


Additional Information

Accident report #43-12-5-5  C-47 Summary
Location: Brookley Field Mobile, Alabama
Place of Departure: Maxton Air Base, Maxton, North Carolina
Target or intended destination: Brookley Air Field, Mobile, Alabama
Date: 5 December 1942; Time: approximately 21:03 CWT
Location of Crash: 2 mi. south of Maxwell Field, Mobile, Alabama.
Reason aircraft was lost: Weather, pilot error
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 12
List of Crew:
Pilot-Stewart, Morton A.-S/Sgt.-fatal.
Co-pilot-Hinton, Garry F.-S/Sgt.-fatal.
Engineer-Killion, Albert M.-Sgt.-fatal.
Radio Operator-Bywaters, William E. – Cpl. – fatal.
Passenger-Leach, James W. – 2nd Lt. – fatal.
Passenger-Latas, Robert N. – 2nd Lt. – fatal.
Passenger-Anderson, Nils A. – Cpl. – fatal.
Passenger-Sall, Walter D. – Sgt. – fatal.
Passenger-Thomas, Jesse J. Jr. – S/Sgt. – fatal.
Passenger-Graves, William F. – S/Sgt. – fatal.
Passenger-Rathgher, Joe F. – Sgt. – fatal.
Passenger-Coleman, Russel N. – Cpl. – fatal.
Narrative of eyewitness statements:
  1. The airplane cleared from Maxton Air Base, Maxton, North Carolina for a non-stop flight to Brookley Field, Mobile, Alabama.  The flight was intended to take four hours.
  2. At 18:40 Airway Traffic Control attempted to advise the plane to reroute to Mobile, AL due to weather conditions.  However, they were unable to make contact.
  3. The plane was able to make only spotty radio contact, but eventually circled around Maxwell Field, ready for landing instructions.
  4. A few minutes after the plane was cleared to land, the Operations Office received a call that a cargo type airplane had crashed approximately 2 miles south of the airfield.

After attending Clemson he took a civilian pilot training course and entered the Armed Services in 1940.  He was stationed at Maxton Air Base near Laurinburg, NC.

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