Pugh Geddings Rogers



Bennettsville, South Carolina

Parents: Frank E. and Leila Geddings Rogers

Army Air Force, Master Sergeant

495 Bomb Squadron, 344 Bomb Group, Medium

Bronze Star

Feb 15, 1911

Sep 10, 1945

Died Non-Battle in a B-26 crash in Germany

Lorraine American Military Cemetery, Plot G, Row 8, Grave 26.


Additional Information

Accident report #46-9-10-507 Summary
Aircraft Model-B-26;
Location: Florennes, Belgium
Group: 344th Bomb; Squadron: 495th Bomb
Place of Departure: Florennes, Belgium
Target or intended destination: Schlersshelm, Germany
Type of Mission: ferry of personnel and equipment
Date: 9 Sept 1945
Location of Crash: Trauchgau, Germany
Reason aircraft was lost: Crash
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 8
List of Crew:
Pilot: Davies, Jerald M. Capt.-fatal
Copilot: Choats, Flourney L. 1st Lt.-fatal
Bomber: Dene, Edward L. Capt.-fatal
Passenger: Larsen, Gregor, J. 2nd Lt.-fatal
Passenger: Ferry, Barnard, M. 1st Lt.-fatal
Passenger: Lime, Larry L. F/O-fatal
Navigator: Fredericks, Albert C. F/O-fatal
Passenger: Rogers, Pugh G. M/Sgt.-fatal
Passenger: Warren, Marley R. S/Sgt.-fatal
Passenger: Schacht, Jeachim Ffc.-fatal
Narrative of eyewitness statements:
  1. Enroute from Florennes, Belgium to Schlersshelm, Germany on a ferry mission, the plane piloted by Davies became separated from the group.
  2. During the move the group lost on plane, which was fatal to all ten men on board.
  3. Captain J.M. Davies was piloting when he became lost and crashed into the side of a mountain near Trauchgau, Germany.

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