Wesley Oliver Chandler


Civil Engineering

Corporal, Sergeant, Second Lieutenant; A.S.C.E; Kamp Klarke Klan; ROTC Camp McClellan AL.

Hickory, North Carolina

Wife - Norma Lee Sammons / Son - Ronald Wesley Chandler

Army Air Force, First Lieutenant

52nd Bomb Squadron, 29th Bomb Group

Purple Heart

Nov 25, 1917

Mar 10, 1945

Lt. Chandler was Killed in Action when his plane was shot down during an incendiary raid on Tokyo during his third combat mission.

Woodland Memorial Park, Greenville, SC


Additional Information

Organization Location: Guam VI
Command or Air Force: 20th Group: 29th, Squadron: 52nd
Target or Intended Destination: Tokyo, Type of Mission: Bombing
Weather Conditions: Clear and visibility unrestricted
Date: March 10th, 1945
Location: Above Tokyo, over incendiary zone #1
Aircraft Lost as a Result of: Unknown
Aircraft Type, Model and Series: B-29; 42
AAF Serial Number: 42-63564
Nickname of Aircraft: “Cherry-the Horizontal Cat”
An unsuccessful Army Air Force and Naval search was conducted

List of Crew
Pilot                Wyatt, Firman E.         1st Lt        MIA
Co-Pilot           Moore, John E.           2nd Lt        MIA
Navigator        Chandler, Wesley O.  1st Lt        MIA
b Sage,          Russell J.                    F/O            MIA
Radar             Feinberg, Robert A.    2nd Lt         MIA
F. ENG            Roshiem, Royal R.     T/Sgt           MIA
R.O.C.            Rushs, Robert H.        Cpl             MIA
CFC                Schmitzer, Louis M.     Sgt             MIA
Gunner           Sparks, Robert L.       Cpl             MIA
Gunner           Richards, Fand F.       Cpl              MIA
Gunner           Smith, Randolph H.    Cpl               MIA

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Extra Documents

Vignette in The Echo written by Kelly Durham – The Deadliest Raid