William Alexander Johnson


Mechanical Engineering

Hamlet, North Carolina

Wife, Martha Geach Johnson; parents - William Douglas and Willie McCoy Johnson

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

Jul 31, 1921

Nov 15, 1942

Died non-battle in a bomber explosion near Columbia, South Carolina. The entire crew of seven were killed.

Mary Love Cemetery, Hamlet, NC


Additional Information

ID 0-791698

Accident # 43-11-15-4
Date: 15 November 1942
Aircraft Type/Model: B-26B
Aircraft # 41-17702
Group: 323rd Bomb Group
Squadron: 454th Bombardment Squadron
List of Crew:
Huntley Eugene L.    2nd Lt.     Fatal
Johnson William A.   2nd Lt.     Fatal
Frissell Charles M.    2nd Lt.     Fatal
Hope, Harold W.       2nd Lt.     Fatal
Miller Charles J.         Cpl.       Fatal
Evans Donald W.      S/Sgt.      Fatal
Maculakas Vincent J.  Pvt.        Fatal
On November 15th, 1942, the aircraft crashed in an open field.  It was flying too low for indeterminable reasons.  It is possible that engine trouble may have contributed to the loss of altitude.  One wing was too low and touched the ground causing the plane almost crosswise to its line of flight.  A fire followed the crash.  Responsibility cannot be determined with the evidence available.

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