William Algernon Dalton



Asheville, North Carolina

Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Dalton

Army Air Force, Second Lieutenant

327th Bomb Squadron, 92rd Bomb Group

Purple Heart

May 3, 1924

Mar 3, 1945

Killed in Action - His B-17 Fortress collided with another B-17 when they were returning from a bombing mission and crashed near Forchies La Marche, Belgium.        

Green Hils Cemetery, Asheville NC


Additional Information

#44 – 6584 UX D Crew List
P – 2Lt. Erwin Schmidt
CP – 2Lt. William Dalton
N – 2Lt. Cletus Brown
B – FO Marcus McCrery
TT/E – S/Sgt. Robert Deigan
RO – S/Sgt. Charles Ollman
BT – S/Sgt. Ray Wold
WG – Sgt. Richard Fisher
TG – S/Sgt. Edward Bartley Jr. – Returned to Duty
8 KIA   1 RTD

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Extra Documents

Heading for Home – Vignette written by Kelly Durham for The Echo