William Patrick Kavanaugh



Annapolis, MD

Husband of Vivian R. Kavanaugh who resided in Missouri.

Army, Staff Sergeant

Purple Heart

Jul 19, 1923

Feb 9, 1945

Killed in Action in Croatia

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Section 82, Site 63


Additional Information

MACRE# 12361
Location: Velika Brisnica, Italy
Type of Mission: Combat
Date: 9 Feb 1945
Aircraft Type/Model: B-24H
Aircraft Serial Number: 42-7563
List of Crew:
Pilot                     Maxwell, Robert W.               1st Lt.        MIA
Co-Pilot                Marcus, Frank E., Jr.            2nd Lt.        MIA
Navigator             Cervantes,Fracis I.               2nd Lt.        MIA
Bombardier           Jackson, Robert C.              2nd Lt.        MIA
Engineer               Tetzloff, Lionel A.                 S/Sgt.         MIA
Radio Operator   Kavanaugh, William P.     S/Sgt.        MIA
Tail Gunner           Ellliott, William W.                  Pvt.           MIA
Waist Gunner         Jones, Kyle B.                     S/Sgt.         MIA
The official cause of the aircraft going down is unknown.  Crews from aircrafts on the same mission reported seeing what they believed to be an explosion in mid-air and a large fire soon after on the ground; however, cloud conditions prevented the crew members from determining whether or not the explosion was actually an aircraft on fire.  No parachutes were observed.

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