William Shepard Nicholson, Jr.


Textile Engineering

Union, South Carolina

Married Sara Johnson Nicholson, One Daughter

Army Air Force, Lieutenant

Air Transport Command, Love Field

Aug 4, 1917

Apr 28, 1944

Killed in a plane crash in Lillington, (near Fort Bragg) North Carolina

Grove Hill Cemetery, Darlington, SC

Personal Remembrances

Received Wings January 21, 1943 - Extract from “The Tiger”

Magazine Pays Memorial Tribute to Nicholson
Captain Nicholson was born in 1917. He was awarded B.S. degree in textile engineering by Clemson College in 1940.
Extract: The State August 4, 1944

Additional Information

Accident Report: 3 91, Model;  B-24J; S/N# 42-95605
Station:  Love Field- Dallas, TX; 5th Ferry Group
Departure:  Romulus, MI; Destination: Charleston, SC
Location of Crash:- Wooded hillside Date:  27 April 44
Reason Aircraft Lost:  Weather 
Nicholson, William S.            P             Capt
Kent, Sidney W.                       Civ. P     Civ.
Doster, Guy L. Sr.                     T/Sgt.   


Narrative: In this accident, aircraft was reported heard passing over a house approximately 1½ miles from scene of crash, proceeding toward the scene during heavy rain, and shortly afterward a loud explosion was heard and the witness reports that area in direction of crash was lit up by light of fire following crash.  Search revealed that aircraft had crashed into wooded hill side and from the direction of impact, distribution of remaining parts and the fact that tall trees entirely surrounding the limited area occupied by remnants were not disturbed, it is apparent that ship stuck ground, left wing tip first, while in near to a vertical bank and cartwheeled on it.  Along line of assumed motion, first noticed was small tree broken off at 10 to 12 feet, then cut in ground, apparently made by wing tip with the wing tip near by, through the depression made by first or 1 engine indicated forward as well as vertical motion, engine buried 6-8 feet, then at distance only slightly greater than that between engines were depressions of engines 2, 3, and 4, with progressively less forward motion and more vertical motion indicated bearing out the cartwheeling into limited area.  Explosion apparently scattered some parts. 

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Extra Documents

Ferry Flight – Vignette Written by Kelly Durham for The Echo