David Gaillard Lenoir, Jr.


Mechanical Engineering

Sumter, South Carolina

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. David G. Lenoir, Sr.

Army Air Force, Lieutenant

Oct 7, 1020

Jan 29, 1944

Died Non-Battle. Died in a crash in Rapid City North Dakota while in pilot training in a B-26 Bomber.

The Episcopal Church of Ascension, Sumter County, SC


Additional Information

Accident report #44-1-29-23 Summary
Aircraft Model: AT-23A
Location: Casper, WY
AF No: 42-95654
Group: 15th B.O.T Wing
Squadron:21st Tow Target Squadron
Place of Departure: Casper, WY
Target or intended destination: Pierre, SD
Type of Mission: Administrative
Date: 29 January 1944
Time: 19:00
Location of Crash: Near Conata, SD
Reason aircraft was lost: Bad weather and excessive load
Number of Persons aboard aircraft: 3
List of Crew (Crew position, Name, Rank, Status)
Pilot-Lenoir, Davie\d G. 2nd Lt., fatal.
Co-Pilot Schildmiller, Richard W. 2nd Lt., fatal.
Engineer-Kingston, Robert W. Sgt., fatal.
Narrative of eyewitness statements:
1. The plane departed from Casper, Wyoming at 12:04 MWT on a flight to Pierre, South Dakota.  Statements indicate that the probability of weather issues had been discussed, and that the pilot intended to return to Casper if conditions looked bad.  
2. After flying into bad weather, with probable icing conditions, the pilot turned back and failure of the wing structures resulted.  This was due to the excessive load imposed upon the structure of the aircraft by a violent maneuver, or by the accumulation of ice.

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Extra Documents

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